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All that is solid melts into light


Chamber in Milwaukee, WI

August 26, 2016


Steven Cottingham

Ian Breidenbach

All that is solid melts into light is a collaborative exhibition between Steven Cottingham (Vancouver, BC) and Ian Breidenbach (Findlay, OH). The exhibition for Chamber is the third stop of an art tour beginning in Seattle, WA and culminating in Findlay, OH with Steven Cottingham's exhibition The first night after the sun burns out at the Neon Heater Art Gallery.  Using travel as a medium and the car as a testing ground, the artists will create the exhibitions in transit, drawing upon their separate histories, motivations and practices as they attempt to find a utopian oasis in the stark barren landscapes of the Northern United States.  Mixing the languages of road movies and apocalyptic sci-fi novels, they hope to navigate the socio-political landscape of the present and begin to answer the question 'where can we go from here?'

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