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Brave bright curl protected brain

Meg Stein

January 22 - 31, 2018

Brave bright curl protected brain presents otherworldly, mutated, and bodily forms that agitate feminine myths, subversively contributing to an evolving femininity through repetitive material acts of transformation.

Stein's biomorphic, psychological sculptures marry abstract, bulbous forms with playfulness and absurdity, pointing to amusing, baffling or harmful aspects of womanhood and white femininity.

These mixed media pieces highlight and mutate everyday materiality—such as face wipes, tampons and maxi pads—that visually represents damaging narratives about whiteness and femininity. When creating the work, Stein enacts commonplace motions, such as painting objects with nail polish or carefully placing band-aids on a sculpture. While embodying stereotypical performative femaleness this process also references undervalued labor associated with women, such as beautifying or healing.

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