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Broken Cameras
and Fake Flowers

Paho Mann

January 6 - 28, 2024

Using 3D scanning to create abstract compositions from found objects, tabletop arrangements are constructed of broken and old camera equipment and cell phones and fed into photogrammetry software to create 3D models. As the software worked to measure and interpret the photographic images to construct a model of the 3D space, I extracted temporary files that were never meant to be seen by humans. These temporary files are intended to be used by the computer to interpret depth and are only made as tools to help the computer build the final 3D model. Working with these files to create new, abstract compositions, the resulting images are amalgamations of the photos needed to make a 3D model of the arrangement in front of the camera. The final images distort and reconstruct the original scene, providing fluidity and conversation between computer vision and human vision.

first try2.jpg
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