THe Neon Heater Art gallery

Adam Farcus, Figure in a Ground — February 2021

Figure in a Ground is an online exhibition hosted by The Neon Heater that includes XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

ONLINE SCREENING followed by Zoom Q+A — links forthcoming
Saturday, February 13, 5pm EST / 6pm CST

Solastalgia (Lubbock) & Shelter for the Making
Hosted by The Neon Heater and East Lubbock Art House

Home, installation at the Neon Heater, can only be viewed from the street.

Solastalgia (Lubbock), 2021, trailer

Shelter for the Making , 2015, trailer

One hundred postcard artworks, titled Imagine That Very Black Sea of Atlantis Over New Orleans, will be mailed to people who would like one. Please contact Adam Farcus at with your mailing address to request a postcard.