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I view the world in terms of systems. My practice makes the viewer aware of the systems - information, social, and technological - within which we operate.


The exhibition is a constellation of thematically connected works engaged with news distribution, each using abstraction to forefront the structure of the news delivery. These colorful, visually intense works will play off this season’s vivid orange walls, highlighting the torrent of news flooding over us on an hourly basis. Through distortion and pattern, the content recedes, revealing the system’s operation.


Dot Dot Dot exemplifies this, in which I reduce cable news anchors to swirling dots. The work flattens the coverage to form devoid of depth. In the majority of my work, I borrow the forms. For example, 15 24-Hour News Sources, which remixes Christian Marclay’s 48 War Movies, presents a cacophonous excess of live news. This remaking highlights the collaborative production of culture.


Quiet sounds from a small FM radio will draw the viewer deeper into the space through the brighter and glossy abstracted subjects. When one reaches the end of the gallery, a unique humorous takeaway will reward their curiosity. The combination of signifiers will reveal what the abstraction has hidden; with this insight, the return reveals new connections from the first pass through the space.

_________ NEWS              
Anthony Warnick

Part of The Orange Year, curatorial climate crisis at the Neon Heater

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