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THe Neon Heater Art gallery

Open Call 2021 - 2022

Beginning Summer 2021, we will begin hosting exhibitions in the gallery again following strict Covid protocols. Masks will be required, occupancy will be limited, and visitation will be by appointment only.  Given the location and nature of the gallery, we are confident that we can reopen safely for artists and community alike.  We will re-evaluate this action plan as the situation continues to develop.


That being said, with this Open Call for Proposals we are looking for a wide range of projects in order to continue to work with as many artists as possible, whatever the future may bring.


Gallery Exhibitions

We are looking for Project Proposals for solo, small or curated group exhibitions, with the goal of the artist(s)/curators being able to travel to the gallery to install their works.  To promote artist safety during travel, we're looking to highlight artists in close proximity to the gallery. We will be focusing on programming artists from the Midwest, primarily artists who can drive to and from the gallery with little need for pitstops.  


We are accepting proposals of any medium, with a focus on conceptually driven work in installation, new media, video and current trends in painting, sculpture and photography.  Exhibition proposals do not have to be fully realized, in the event you are proposing something new for the space, please include past works as examples, alongside a statement and proposal.


Please find a layout to the gallery here to help you build your proposals. 


Online Exhibitions

We are looking to continue to supplement in-person exhibitions through a number of online avenues.  We are accepting proposals for online exhibitions, curated video exhibitions through the Heater Theatre (which will be screened as well as streamed through the website, with the possibility to travel to other galleries), Performance Art (live or screened), film discussion series, reading groups, collaborative lists, archives, resource shares, etc.  If you have an idea that doesn't need a physical space, send it out way!


Online offerings through the Neon Heater website or social media outlets will allow for a greater range of projects which the gallery's location in rural Ohio, with limited visitation, would have been seen as prohibitive in the past.


Neon Temple Press

We will also be reviving the press started in 2018.  We are looking for proposals for printed matter, artist book projects, photo books, zines, and other ephemera to be published in small runs. 


We are also looking for artists and writers interested in contributing to a quarterly periodical on the current state of the art world.  Essays, poetry, illustrations, comics, conceptual writing; we want to read your words. 



The Details

Submissions should be sent in pdf form. 

Please include Name, Website, Proposal, Statement, Images, and a recent CV. There is no limit on the amount of images, but depending on the size of the files, they can be attached in e-mails with the subject heading - 2021 Exhibition Proposal, or shared with us through Google Drive.

To continue offering an honorarium to exhibiting artists, we ask for an application fee of $10, if this submission fee is prohibitive, please contact us. This application fee can be made through Paypal at

Email Submissions to

Deadline for Submissions is April 30th

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