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No Afterlife

Elliot Avis

Lorena Cruz Santiago

Clare Gatto

Kara Güt

Cooper Holoweski

Andie Labgold

curated by shag

Stone House Art Gallery is pleased to present No Afterlife. This group exhibition, hosted by The Neon Heater Gallery, presents six artists simultaneously featured in Infinite Life: an interactive virtual gallery exhibition.

While the works featured by these artists in Infinite Life share few thematic similarities, those featured in No Afterlife present shared glimpses into the often limiting human experience. The group exhibition highlights the inevitable fates of our existence by beckoning towards recognizable points of interest in our lifetime. Mortality is brought to the surface as these works individually toggle themes existential questioning through lenses of nostalgia, family, biology, and spirituality. Collectively, the works recognize the multifaceted nature of being alive, from our interest in the past to our curiosity about the future. While we exist, thrive, and struggle in this lifetime briefly, we understand our inevitable future and look now to question what lies beyond it.

No Afterlife was on view at The Neon Heater from July 8, 2023 to July 28, 2023.

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