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Curated by Rachel Pontious + Finn Schult // website // more info


April 18 — 22:    Wanbli Gamache

April 25 — 30:    William E. Jones + Mark Flores

May 02 — 07:     Emmy Bright

May 09 — 14:     Jova Lynne

THIS WEEK // JOVA LYNNE // website

Paradise Ads

I create photo, video and sculptural installation works that speak to moments of cultural transgressions in imagined landscapes. My work describes the code-switching that I encounter as I move through the world as a first generation American navigating my position as both "of" and "other.” I am interested in the complexities and dualities that exist within the paradigms of Black-identity particularly as it relates to the Caribbean diaspora. My video work is largely centered around endurance-based performance and the limitations of the femme body in terms of the supply and demand of our labor as well as the humor of mundane daily activity. In my sculptural work, I play with materials that explore the intersections between soft/hard, feminine/masculine, joy/pain, both/and, sharp/dull, delicate/expendable, fake/real. The sculptural works that I create are largely shown in installation or photograph form and are influenced by vintage advertisements from post-colonial promotional materials.

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